Our Executive Team

Yvette Behmer

Yvette Behmer is the Project and Client Manager for Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc., with a strong background in business development and project coordination. Prior to joining the team at Sunrise Consulting Group, she was the Business Development Coordinator for a prestigious Law Firm in the Tampa Bay area for over 18 years, filling a number of positions with the firm over the years. Prior to that, she worked extensively in the banking and insurance industries.

Yvette has been married for 38 years to her high school sweetheart, Don, and they are blessed with three children, two grandchildren, and the family dog, Lucy. She is never shy about sharing her love for Jesus and believes it is always better to give than receive.

Yvette is a Rotarian, a past Chapter President of the BNI Alliance of Wesley Chapel, enjoys serving as an Emcee at charity events, and is one of the host for the RPOP Elephants' In The Room Show with Sandy Graves. She also serves as the Community Events Coordinator and a Board Member of the Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Community Foundation whose mission is to assist Veterans, First Responders, Single Parents & Children in the local area. Yvette loves to have fun and enjoys people.

State Committeewoman: Sandy Graves

Pasco State Committeewoman Sandy Graves has served as State Committeewoman since 2012 and continues to embrace grassroots politics to rally for the Republican Party.  She has been a lifelong Republican and still believes in the Party's platform of lower taxes and smaller, efficient and effective government.  She is a 5th generation Floridian and grew up in Land O' Lakes.  She is a member of the Land O' Lakes Rotary Club and serves as an appointed member on the Pasco County Commission on the Status of Women. Sandy also co-hosts the RPOP Elephant's in The Room Show with Yvette Behmer. 


State Committeeman: Shawn Foster

Shawn Foster brought a wealth of political and government experience when he started Sunrise Consulting Group 20 years ago. Having worked inside the state and federal echelons of government for over 20 years, Shawn has built unique relationships and gained powerful knowledge to achieve success for his clients.

Shawn began his political and government career in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Shawn was the student body President and graduated from USF-Sarasota. Shawn started in the legislative process working for a State Representative in Sarasota County.

Shawn served as Congressman Gus Bilirakis’ District Director for six years. This experience allowed Shawn to become well acquainted with not only the numerous issues being debated in Washington, but also the opportunity to become engrained in the issues facing the State of Florida.

Prior to working for Congressman Bilirakis, Shawn served as a Senior Legislative Aide for State Senator Mike Fasano. In addition to his work inside government, Shawn has an astute political background, as he has managed and consulted on numerous political campaigns over the past 20 years.

Shawn started lobbying in 2006 and was previously the Managing Partner for the Tampa Bay office of the Southern Strategy Group. He is well versed in the political efforts of both the private and public sectors.

Shawn has assisted several state associations in the past 10 years. He is the current Executive Director of the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. Prior to that, Shawn served as the Assistant Executive Director for two years and was the exhibit coordinator. Shawn has also been a consultant for the Florida Blueberry Growers Association, Florida Blueberry Festival Association, Florida Association of Local Housing Finance Authorities, Florida Solar Energy Industries Association, the Florida Schools Boards Association, and the Florida Bail Agents Association.

Shawn has worked with and represented the Florida Bail Agents Association (FBAA) for the past seven years. During his tenure helping the FBAA and other various associations, Shawn generally works and assists on various issues ranging from legislative lobbying to association development and growth. During his time with the FBAA, Shawn has continually assisted the President, the Board, and the Association as a whole to advance association growth, coordinate quarterly meetings and secure speakers, promote marketing and membership expansion, obtain sponsorships and fundraising, and provide counsel on association business. There are very few issues that would arise that Shawn has not had some experience with.


Chairman: James Mallo

Thank you for visiting our website. Growing up in the Reagan era in Pasco County, I learned to appreciate and admire the President of the United States of America. It was a time when no one had to guess where our leader stood on the things that mattered. We knew that small government and low taxes actually helped our economy prosper and that small businesses were the lifeblood of our economy. We lived in a time where Communists were feared, and we all knew Communism had no place in the United States of America.

I am honored to be the Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee and want you to know that I took this challenge in order to serve YOU. This past election cycle, while we are still not happy with the outcome, we need to realize that Pasco brought it home for President Trump. Pasco County saved the Tampa Bay area by giving President Trump over 60K more votes than Biden. In Pinellas County, Trump lost by approximately 1K votes, and Trump also lost in Hillsborough County by 50K votes. As Pasco grows rapidly, we need to connect with voters and ensure that we continue to be a county that Republican candidates can count on. Our volunteers, including poll watchers, office volunteers, flag wavers, door knockers, phone bankers, Precinct Committee people, and the Executive Board worked incredibly hard, and we are ready to take on the challenges in front of us.

The 2024 election cycle has already started, and the biggest race will definitely be the Florida Governor’s race. If you are reading this message, then you know the importance of keeping Governor DeSantis in office. Could you imagine if Andrew Gillum was living in the Governor’s Mansion and not Governor DeSantis? We need to build our party now more than ever. We need your help in Keeping Pasco Red. We are in very good hands considering the previous leadership, Chairman Rick Lorenz’s work and dedication to the Party and our current leadership, which includes State Committeewoman - Sandy Graves, State Committeeman - Shawn Foster, Vice Chair - Rudy Gonzalez, Treasurer - Jeannie James, Secretary - Devin Alexander, and Political Director - Blaze Drinkwine.

Please come out to our Republican Executive Committee Meeting every third Thursday of the month, located at 2017 Reigler Road in Land O’Lakes. The doors open at 6pm and the meetings start at 6:30pm.

Stay safe and healthy,
James Mallo, Chairman
Republican Executive Committee – Republican Party of Pasco

James has been married to Laura (Carter) Mallo for over 28 years and has two adult children who are currently in college. James has served as a law enforcement officer for over 32 years and will be starting his 23rd year serving the citizens of Pasco County in April of this year.


Vice Chairman: Rudy Gonzalez

Rudolph (Rudy) Gonzalez was born and raised in the South Florida city of Opa-Locka. I am a first generation American, born of Cuban immigrants fleeing the communist regime of Cuba. The middle child of seven siblings and a graduate of Hialeah Miami Lakes. I attended the University of Phoenix.

I moved to Pasco County in 2005 to marry my beautiful wife, former Queen Chasco Lisa Shippy-Gonzalez. We have two wonderful children (Amanda and Cameron), and are blessed with a perfect granddaughter, Phoenix.

Pasco business owners and operators since 2007, we enjoy assisting great organizations such as Rotary, Good Samaritan Clinic, Volunteer Way, Pace Center for Girls, and many others. Pasco is the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

I pride myself on being a conservative, recognizing the dangers of socialism and communism. I have never personally experienced either, but my family has lost life and liberty at the hands of Fidel Castro. My passion for the education of future generations is a direct result of these losses. It is imperative to share these experiences with our youth so they can fully understand the potential ramifications of Socialism. We stand to lose so much more than money if we surrender our Rights as Citizens of the United States of America.

My voice and experience as a Hispanic member of society will assist in my responsibilities as Vice Chair of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee. My servitude to the party and our members will be my contribution to continuing to grow our party so that “We will stand united as a people.”

“A house divided against itself cannot stand." ― Abraham Lincoln.

Treasurer: Jeannie James

Jeannie S. James is the current treasurer of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee. She graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida. Jeannie is Vice President and part owner of Marlyn Steel Decks, Inc. Her passion is to promote effective and responsible government, both locally and federally, aligned with our Constitutional Republic. Most importantly, to protect and preserve our 1st and 2nd amendments and to see that future generations understand how special our Constitution is.




Secretary: Devin Alexander

Devin Alexander is a fourth-generation resident of Pasco County raised on the east side. The Pasco Pirate graduate would go on to Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan to earn his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. During his time there, he served 2 terms as the Student Body President working closely with Senior Administration to improve retention.

He joined the REC in 2018 and has served in multiple organizations, including the Pasco Young Republicans, East Pasco Republican Club and Zephyrhills Main Street. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of Florida Business Professionals of America, Inc., one of the Career and Technical Education organizations that help prepare students for the workforce.

Devin is a proud conservative who wants to help show the light of the Republican Party to young adults and minorities. He passionately believes the American dream is alive and thriving if you are willing to work hard and have faith in God.


Political Director: Blaze Drinkwine

Blaze Drinkwine, a dedicated City Commissioner in San Antonio, Florida, has carved a dynamic path across the realms of politics, digital innovation, and culinary arts. Alongside his civic responsibilities, Blaze collaborates with businesses, campaigns, and organizations, leveraging his expertise to enhance and manage their digital presence in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Additionally, he brings his culinary prowess to the forefront, crafting intricate pairing menus, sophisticated cocktails, and inventive interpretations of American contemporary cuisine.

Blaze's political journey in Florida commenced as a former Field Staffer, Deputy State Director, and later as Strategic Initiatives Director for the Republican Party of Florida and Republican National Committee, spanning from 2016 to 2022. Before his tenure with the Republican Party, Blaze served on Carly Fiorina's presidential campaign, demonstrating his commitment to grassroots engagement and political mobilization.

Driven by a passion for fostering collaboration and innovation, Blaze founded The Drinkwine Association, aiming to unite creatives in a collaborative and nurturing environment. In his leisure moments, he finds solace in culinary pursuits, entertaining guests, and exploring the charming streets of the town he proudly serves, often accompanied by his faithful companion dog, Winston.