Mon, 26 Feb 2024 09:03:38 EDT

Ex-FBI Informant Appears in Court

A former FBI informant charged with fabricating a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden's family will appear in a California federal court on Monday as a judge considers whether he must remain behind bars while he awaits trial.

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 08:17:13 EDT

Amy Schumer Reveals Cushing's Syndrome Diagnosis

Comedian Amy Schumer has disclosed that she has been diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome, a condition that arises when there is too much cortisol in the body.In an interview published Friday in the News Not Noise newsletter, Schumer revealed she has exogenous Cushing's...

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 08:04:55 EDT

Biden Won't Ban Russian Oil to Help Prices

The Biden administration's latest round of sanctions purposely do not ban Russian oil in order to avoid energy cost increases, Breitbart reports, quoting remarks by Deputy Treasury Secretary Wall Adeyemo.

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 07:50:32 EDT

Anti-gun 'Spirit of Aloha' Doesn't Trump Constitution, Experts Say

The Hawaii Supreme Court recently reversed a lower state court decision and left a lot of lawyers, court-watchers, and Second Amendment experts scratching their heads after disregarding U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 07:30:12 EDT

Google's AI Image Generator Issues Expose Bias in Emerging Tech

Tech experts say that Google's decision to pause the rollout of an artificial intelligence tool after users complained it prioritized diversity over history exposes one of the most concerning issues posed by emerging tech: programming bias.

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 07:00:59 EDT

Ukrainian Troops Pull Back as Russian Onslaught Continues

Ukrainian troops have pulled out of a village in the east of the country, an army spokesman said Monday, as Russian forces make their advantages in manpower and ammunition tell on the battlefield at the start of the war 's third year.The latest setback for Kyiv's soldiers...

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 06:34:53 EDT

Ronna McDaniel Announces Resignation as Republican National Committee Chair

Ronna McDaniel announced Monday that she will step down as chair of the Republican National Committee next week, after seven years in the role.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 22:32:12 EDT

Sen. Thune Endorses Trump in 2024 Primary

Senate Minority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., on Sunday endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 21:21:53 EDT

Trump Endorses Texas House Speaker's Opponent

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed David Covey in the Republican primary for a Texas state House seat against incumbent House Speaker Dade Phelan, who initiated impeachment proceedings against Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 20:57:02 EDT

Belarusian President Lukashenko to Seek Reelection

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who has held power since 1994, said on Sunday he intends to seek reelection next year, which could extend his rule to 36 years.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 20:42:30 EDT

Rep. Mace: WH Has Yet to Define 'Mission in Ukraine'

The White House has yet to define "our mission in Ukraine," Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., said Sunday.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 20:11:39 EDT

Gov. Abbott Backs IVF, Notes Texas 'Is a Pro-life State'

Following the decision by the Alabama Supreme Court stating that frozen embryos are human beings and people who discard them can be held liable for wrongful death, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he backs IVF, but did not call for a law to protect access in Texas. 

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 19:52:57 EDT

AT&T Will Give $5 to Customers Hit by Cellphone Network Outage

AT&T says it will give affected customers $5 each to compensate for last week's cellphone network outage that left many without service for hours.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 19:51:53 EDT

What Would Happen Without Leap Day? More Than You Might Think

Leap year. It's a delight for the calendar and math nerds among us. So how did it all begin and why?

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 19:26:14 EDT

Former NYPD Top Cop Kelly on NYC: No One in Charge

Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on Friday voiced his concerns over the declining quality of life in New York City, attributing it to various factors such as subway crime, a shortage of police officers, and the city's handling of the migrant crisis.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 19:04:23 EDT

Koch-Backed Group Drops Financial Backing for Haley

Americans for Prosperity Action, the conservative network championed by entrepreneur Charles Koch, is pausing its financial backing of GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley in the wake of Haley's recent defeat to former President Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 18:56:12 EDT

Biden, Congressional Leaders to Talk Ukraine, Government Funding

President Joe Biden will convene the top four congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday to press lawmakers on passing an emergency aid package for Ukraine and Israel, as well as averting a looming government shutdown, according to a White House official.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 17:57:51 EDT

Air Force Member Sets Himself on Fire Outside Israeli Embassy, Dies

A man set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington on Sunday afternoon, authorities said.The man was transported to an area hospital after the fire was put out by U.S. Secret Service officers, DC Fire and EMS posted online.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 14:49:02 EDT

CPAC Poll: Newsmax 'Most Trusted' in Cable News

Newsmax was voted by the Conservative Political Action Conference the "most trusted" cable news outlet in America - trouncing rival Fox News by a whopping 34 points, according to a straw poll conducted at the annual conference.

Sun, 25 Feb 2024 14:43:27 EDT

Over a Million Rally for Bolsanaro in Brazil

Brazilians poured into the streets of Sao Paulo on Sunday as former President Jair Bolsonaro flexed his political muscle and hit out at an election ban that has seen him barred from seeking office for eight years.